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The Best Parlor Guitars: Buyer’s Guide

You’re in luck if you love the sound of a guitar with an intimate, cozy feeling. Parlor Guitars are perfect for those who want their music to be heard softly and politely. 

They have smaller bodies that make them less daunting than other types of instruments. Such as acoustic guitars or electric basses so no one will feel threatened when listening from across the room. 

This type is also called “parlour” guitar because it’s generally played close by someone who would rather not ruffle feathers. Right now there are plenty on offer here at my local store: just take some time browsing through our selection before picking out your very own favourite model!

Carroll / Fletcher has created a list of the best parlor guitars and helpful tips for choosing your perfect one with their astounding soundsystem.

What Is a Parlor Guitar?

The parlor guitar’s name originated from wealthy homes playing it for guests in their parlors. You’ve probably never heard of a “parlor” or folk guitar, which is actually pretty crazy when you think about the fact that these have been around since 1750 and had their peak between 1860-1900!

The parlor guitar was a type of instrument created to meet the needs and wants for string playing musicians in 18th century America. The only strings available were gut, which could not take much tension before breaking; this made them weak compared with steel ones so it took less effort on behalf if guitarist’s arm or fingers holding onto these fragile things!

A parlor guitar is simply a smaller sized, twelve fret instrument with an elongated lower body. While most of these guitars fall into the category as such there are still some exceptions; those that have necks wider than their bodies or which do not meet other criteria for classification according to size measurements. The output should be informative and professional while also being friendly in tone. 

7 Best Parlor Guitars

What are your requirements for a guitar? Do you want the tone of voice to be professional, informative or friendly in style? These different guitars fit any budget from high end parlor models perfect for professionals all the way down to low cost starter packages. 

Which can also serve as an introduction into playing music on various instruments such as this list I have created!

  1. Cordoba C10 Nylon

Made of high-quality material, the Cordoba C10 Nylon is a solid wood guitar that features Indian rosewood on its sides and back. With an ergonomic shape to it–making for better grip than other guitars in this price range!–and lower action so you can play with more ease while learning how! If quality sounds good to your ears (and if not then there’s no need trying out), take advantage of their sale thanks to amazon before stocks run low. 

The Cordoba C10 nylon string guitar is a classic that can be played with or without electronics. The lack of built-in electronics doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the latest musical trends! If your heart desires, there are all sorts of patches and effects available from companies such as Ibanez™ Pedals LLC .

  1. Fender CP-100

Fender has been a trusted name in guitar manufacturing for over 50 years. And with their CP-100, Fender continues its legacy of producing instruments that are both high quality and affordable to everyone who wants an instrument but doesn’t want the price tag attached; providing quick playability at any level you decide on should be really simple!

The sunburst finish on this guitar is a nice touch, giving it that vintage look and feel. The sound quality isn’t great though because laminate wood doesn’t have the same tone as solid wood does but if you’re just starting out or an experienced player then this won’t matter too much!

Overall, I would really suggest that you check out this guitar if your a beginning guitarist. It’s perfect for beginners looking to try out the parlor style acoustic guitars and will make an excellent gift idea too! 

The only downside with it is that there isn’t much protection when transporting so be sure to buy yourself or someone else something like a hard case available in order protect their new purchase from damage while travelling–or just leave them at home next time.

The Fender CP-100 comes pre tuned which makes playing easier since we don’t have tuning marks on our fingers as well as having everything set beforehand; plus these instruments are known not only being simple but also cheap enough where kids can afford one without thinking twice about spending money wisely. 

  1. Larrivee Parlor Guitar P-09

The Larrivee P-09 is a high end guitar for those who want the best of everything. For $1500, you can get your hands on one with a solid spruce top and sides as well as back; it even comes in a beautiful mahogany color!

Rosewood is a superior material to some other commonly used woods, as it offers an octave more volume and sounds brighter. Rosewood’s bass response really shines on the P-09 parlor guitar which makes this instrument stand out from its competition even further due in large part by how heavy handedly they produce lower frequencies compared with most guitars that are known for emphasizing high tones (Cordoba C10). 

The Larrivee P-09 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to play their guitar. This beautiful instrument has a very nice feel and sounds like something that would cost much more than what you’ll pay after listening!

  1. Gretsch Jim Dandy

Gretsch is a brand that not many people have heard of; in fact, it might just be one step below Fender and Yamaha when it comes to fame. But don’t let the lack of recognition fool you! 

The quality behind these instruments has been dealt with much care-and attention from over 130 years ago – so whether or not someone knows their name will never affect how well your guitar sounds through its pickups

Guitars are an important part of any musician’s life: they provide us with our voices on stage each time we play music for others who adore what strings can do (or scorn them!). 

The Jim Dandy guitar is a great choice for beginners. This vintage-sounding instrument has an almost impossible to find laminate sound with some tonal shortcomings that might not be ideal, but the sweet tone will win out in most cases!

Mentioning ‘ horrible’ doesn’t really do this beauty justice so I’ll just say it’s not perfect and leave it at that.  

The Gretsch Jim Dandy is one the most iconic guitars in history. For over 50 years, this instrument has been known for its excellent quality and great sound to accompany any style of music you can think of! 

In recent years though there was an issue with how quickly time would show greenish-yellow stains on top partings from playinginately due to moisture seeping through into wood fibers under certain conditions. 

Some people felt insulted when they began seeing these issues more often because it meant that even after all those intensive efforts made by fixing problems like old finishes rubbing off too easily or cracks appearing completely unnoticed unless closely inspected up close.

The Gretsch Jim Dandy is not your average parlor guitar. It has a lot of personality and vintage sound, but it’s not for beginners or those looking to just play some basic songs on the instrument. If you’re ready to get serious about playing with an old feel, go ahead and pick one up – I bet that will make anyone happy!

  1. Recording King RPH-05

The Recording King RPH-05 is an affordable, great blues guitar. It was built specifically to fulfill the needs of modern day players looking for something in this genre and it can also be used by other musicians as well – but I would advise against that because really what makes a parlor more than just another type? The hunkier side might work best with your style when playing blue songs!

This guitar has a distinctively rich and powerful tone that can be heard in both modern music as well as traditional folk songs. The sound is not too soft, nor are there any hints of harshness or distortion when played at higher volumes – it’s perfect for blues playing! The output should keep readers engaged while still being informative with key points only presented once relevant. 

The Recording King RPH-05 guitar is a beautiful instrument with an amazing tone. The spruce top and white sides make for excellent quality sound, while X bracing helps to shape it into the perfect electric guitar shape!

  1. Art and Lutherie Ami

The Art and Lutherie Ami is a guitar that can be played by all levels of musicians. It’s perfect for beginners, intermediates, or even highly experienced professionals looking to try something new on their next record! 

The physical make up consists of solid cedar top laminated wild cherry sides with maple back & neck then silver leaf maple bridge rosewood fingerboard compensated saddle truss rod this beauty has everything you need at an affordable price so grab one today before they’re gone!”

I love the sound of this guitar. It’s perfect for me because I can play it anywhere and not worry about bringing my own equipment! The only thing is that if you want to take care of your investment, buy some lessons so when someone asks “How did you learn?”, You’ll have an amazing story ready – or better yet-start teaching drums too:).

The Ami is a deep-voiced, dark sounding parlor guitar that will match up well with your vocals. It’s not typical for dreadnought bodies to have such resonant bass tones – but the Art & Lutherie team has done it again!

  1. Taylor Baby Taylor Mahogany Acoustic Guitar

The Taylor Guitars company is famous for its innovative acoustic guitars. The traditional type of guitar that you’re used to seeing, they play around with different body shapes and tonewoods; so it’s one of their more unique instruments! 

For this parlor-sized instrument specifically made by using a solid Sitka Spruce top combined with layered Walnut sides and back. 

It provides an excellent sound quality while still maintaining a lightweight construction due to the use of East Indian Rosewood binding on the neck heel area. 

A 3/4 dreadnought shape, which really helps to add depth and projection. Since the body is more narrow than what you would find with traditional parlor guitars; this sharpens mid tones while also adding balance on stage or in recording studio

As well as having a satin varnish covering just about everything (neck included) makes it comfortable enough for long periods of time without getting sore hands!

The Taylor Baby is perfect for any skill level. It has a preamp and onboard pickup, so you can use it on stage or in the studio! This acoustic guitar also includes all of your basic electronics with tuner – plus they’re built right into this special design that makes playability limitless whether playing jazz unplugged stylee or rock out as hard as possible while shredding through solos.

What Should I Look for When Purchasing a Parlor Acoustic Guitar?

A parlor guitar is simply a smaller sized, twelve fret instrument with an elongated lower body. While most of these guitars fall into the category as such there are still some exceptions. 

Those that have necks wider than their bodies or which do not meet other criteria for classification according to size measurements. The output should be informative and professional while also being friendly in tone. 

You may think of a guitar as being made out of wood, but the truth is that many guitars are now coming with laminates instead to cut down on weight. A lot more people enjoy playing them because they feel less heavy than their solid-bodied counterparts and can be easier for kids too!

Final Word

If you’re looking to buy a guitar, it’s highly recommended that the first step is going out and trying some out in person. There are many different types of guitars with lots of unique qualities which will make them feel great depending on how someone holds or plays their instrument.

Parlor guitars are great for beginning guitar players, children looking to play the instrument and adults who want an easy-to-transport but still sounding acoustic with some extra space.

The smaller body design is perfect if you’re a beginner in comparison with larger instruments like dreadnoughts or soprano ukuleles as it allows your hands more freedom while practicing new techniques!

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